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  • Develop a daily step by step roadmap for professional development success.
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  • Receive valuable support for career ruts, change or transition.
  • Goal clarity to develop a strategic plan and navigate the process with confidence.
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  • The average client who books weekly one on one Executive coaching sessions spends $14,400 AUD a year.¬†
  • A client booking weekly 30 minute speed coaching sessions pays $9,412 AUD.
  • As a member you get unlimited coaching sessions for $2,000 AUD a year.
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ICF Professional Coach, MBA (Australian Institute of Business), Positive Psychology Practitioner, Core Gift Master Facilitator, Executive Coaching Diploma Business and Performance Coaching (The Life Coaching Academy), Graduate Certificate Career Development Practitioner (CareerEdAcademy), Cert iv TAE (ITTA), HSI/LSI/GSI Accredited Practitioner.

I went from Global HR Lead to building NBHR Consulting and Glass Ceiling Career Management. My Core Gift is helping others to break away from mundane perimeters.

  After leaving the corporate world I focussed on my passion for health and fitness building a successful fitness business called Milla's Squad. From there I learnt how to empower individuals to be the best version of themselves which led me to starting Glassceilingcareermanagement focussing on helping professionals around the world fulfill their career aspirations.

   I then saw a gap in the market for frustrated and time poor professionals which steered me in the direction of creating a speed performance coaching annual membership, self paced career programs and a Free professional development community.



Professional Coach ICF, Master of Applied Positive Psychology (University of Melbourne), Master of Technology in Business Management (University of Swinburne), Diploma of Psychology (University of Adelaide)

I went from an International career in management consulting in the areas of Program and Project Management for private companies and government agencies to positive psychology practitioner,  life/executive coach and a psychology lecturer.

  After leaving the corporate world, I focussed on my family and am known as a fierce advocate for involved fatherhood, work flexibility and gender equality. From there I learnt to focus on my strengths rather than weaknesses and started to live by my most cherished values: respect of others' differences and a strong belief in self-efficacy. I now live my life according to these values and they have guided me in all my life projects.

   I then decided to embark on an academic career as a University Lecturer whilst working on my Doctor of Philosophy thesis both at the University of Adelaide. 



Core GIft Master Facilitator and Trainer, Masters Certification in Coaching and Consulting, mBIT Master Coach &Trainer, C-IQ Coach, ICF PCC, B.Comm, Doctor of Consciousness Studies

I went from IT Manager leading projects which were brilliant successes or dismal failures into Professional Coaching in 2000. 

¬†¬†After leaving the corporate world, I learnt that success happens when people communicate well and build great relationships.¬†I noticed a trend where my coaching clients were consistently saying they gain value from having an independent sounding board who can hold up a ‚Äėmirror‚Äô to their innate gifts, strengths, talents, skills, interests, purpose, and passions.

¬†¬†¬†I then decided to search for better ways to do this, I found Core Gifts. Mine is: helping people to liberate their Wyrd. I use coaching to do this, where people find their uniquely human, authentic ways to approach their work and live their lives, wholistically. Gift work blends into my two passions ‚Äď Liberating the Leader Within and Leveraging Human Intelligence in an Increasingly Artificially Intelligent World.¬†


ICF Member, Bachelor of Business, Marketing and Psychology (Swinburne University of Technology), Core Gift Master Facilitator, Brain based Coaching Certificate (Neuro Leadership Institute),Certified Quantum Practitioner, HSI/LSI/OCI,OEI,CSS Accredited Practitioner. 


I went from a corporate career across disciplines focusing on talent, technology and simplifying the complex until I had the courage to follow what truly lights me up - to inspire people to lead their most fulfilling life. 

  After leaving the corporate world I focused on my coaching passions supporting people to unlock their purpose and power, unblock limitations and reach their potential. I also help teams work towards improved effectiveness, performance, inclusion and innovation.

   I then saw the demands, pressure and complexity Executives, Leaders and Professionals face with the unpredictability and complexity of the modern business environment. The value of speed performance coaching is an impartial sounding board, where key moments, for specific and focused insights are created when they are most needed.



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‚ÄúThat was magic! That one little step could change my career in an instant . After the speed coaching session I am going to do new things and follow what needs to happen.‚ÄĚ

Paul, NSW

‚ÄúThe answers became apparent as soon as we started the speed coaching session. I got a real focus on the issue. Coaching is an interesting tool and it opened my eyes..‚ÄĚ

Rene, Qld

"After the speed coaching session I feel good and courageous. I am now in control of how I will accelerate my career.‚ÄĚ

Will, NSW

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