What If You Knew Your True Calling And Had The Ability To Make Decisions, Take Action and Confidently Articulate It To Others?”

You Can When You Know Your Core Gift!

Your Core Gift:

Is an offering that is uniquely yours to give.

Which develops throughout your lifetime.

It becomes more impactful each time you face challenges

Why You Need to Discover Your Core 🎁

Find your purpose, speak from your heart and open a new authentic pathway, where ambitions become reality.

Why It's Important To Create

Your Own Unique Core


Share It With Others



 Bring joy to your colleagues 

  • Bring your wholeself into the workplace, knowing who you truly are.
  • Creates inner confidence, knowing how you can help your clients and team.
  • Share your Core Gift to articulate your strengths throughout the job search process.

Strengthens your sense of purpose 


Create your career anchors

  • Find career meaning and success based on your natural abilities and desires.
  • Develop your career plan around your Core Gift.
  • Use your Core gift to solve career ruts and stagnation.


Helps to guide your decision-making

 Find meaning and  professional success 

  • Set and reach your immediate goals and motives that drive your daily behaviour.

  • Your true purpose can organise your entire career lifeplan.
  • Impart meaning, inspiration and motivation for ongoing learning and achievement.

By Knowing Your Core Gift

The Experience:

The Guaranteed Benefits

Professional Development Success:

Meet Your Core Gift Facilitators


Core GIft Master Facilitator and Trainer, Doctor of Consciousness Studies

 My Core Gift is helping people to liberate their Wyrd. I use coaching to do this, where people find their uniquely human, authentic ways to approach their work and live their lives, wholistically.


Core GIft Master Facilitator 


My core gift is inspiring others to playfully shine bright. I give this by empowering them to be in their soul essence, walk the earth with childlike wonder, have ecstatically wild self-expression and be open to limitless possibilities.



Core GIft Master Facilitator 

My Core Gift is helping others break away from their mundane perimeters. I give it by helping them to provide enduring love, do what they want and to help others to never give up.

Introducing The Core Gift Process.

Enjoy your new purposeful life journey, 

First Session


Two Hour Session

  • The Interview
  • Work through 19 life changing questions
  •  Create your personal themes
  • Design your unique Core Gift
  • Learn how to start using your Core Gift

Second Session


One Hour Session

  • Review The Core Gift 10 Life Areas 
  • Identify in which areas of your life you are currently bringing your Core Gift too
  • Learn in which areas of life you can bring your Core Gift into
  • Learn how to overcome your current life barriers with you Core Gift

Third Session


One Hour Session

  • Learn how to use your Core Gifts at work
  • Create professional development actions through your Core Gift Offerings
  • Identify a purposeful career using your Core Gift
  • How to articulate your Core Gifts at interview

How Finding Your Core Gifts Elevate your Career Progression

Are You Ready To Create your Core Gift?

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