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‚ÄėSome are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them‚Äô (Shakespeare)


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This One on One Coaching Program has been created to elevate your Career to the next level by providing you with a personalised Leadership development toolkit, strategy and roadmap.

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Why It Is Crucial to Develop Leadership Skills as Part of your Career Strategy Plan

 What You will Learn from the Lead With Impact Coaching Program?

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For those who want to:

Guaranteed Benefits From Completing The Lead with Impact Coaching Program


The Lead with Impact One on One Coaching Program 


Session 1.

Create your authentic leadership style:

We deep dive into creating your authentic leadership style, emphasising thinking and behaviours, emotional intelligence and how to lead yourself to gain credibility and trust.

  Enhanced Self-Awareness: Gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, values and motivations, allowing you to lead with authenticity and confidence.

  • Improved Self-Regulation: Develop the ability to manage your emotions effectively, maintain composure in challenging situations, and make thoughtful decisions under pressure.

  • Increased Emotional Intelligence: Elevate your capacity to recognise, understand and manage emotions in yourself and others.

  • Authentic Leadership Style: Create a leadership style that is true to who you are, resonating with your personal values and fostering trust and respect from others.



Session Two.

Develop crucial leadership communication skills and qualities:

Develop a personalised strategy to transition from a management approach to one that cultivates high-performing teams through influencing without authority.


  • Influencing Skills: Enhance your ability to influence and inspire others without relying on formal authority, using techniques that build trust, respect and collaboration.

  • Effective Communication: Develop advanced communication skills to clearly convey vision, expectations and feedback.

  • Team Empowerment: Learn how to delegate effectively and empower team members, fostering a sense of ownership, accountability and engagement.

  • Collaboration and Team Dynamics: Understand and leverage team dynamics to promote a collaborative and high-performing team environment.



Session Three: 

Enhancing Negotiation Skills and Guiding Change

A strategic session focused on enhancing your negotiation skills with senior stakeholders and effectively guiding change through visionary leadership.

  • Advanced Negotiation Skills: Develop sophisticated negotiation techniques to confidently and effectively engage with senior stakeholders, securing buy-in and resources for your initiatives.
  • Strategic Thinking and Influence: Learn how to strengthen your ability to think strategically and anticipate the needs and concerns of senior stakeholders when influencing key decision-makers, aligning their interests with your vision and goals.
  • Visionary Leadership: Enhance your ability to articulate a compelling vision that inspires and motivates stakeholders to embrace and drive change.
  • Conflict Resolution: Develop skills to navigate and resolve conflicts that may arise during negotiations or change processes, maintaining a positive and productive environment.



Session Four:

Inspire Others to rise up to new challenges

A strategic session focused on inspiring others to rise to challenges for improved team performance and productivity. 

  • Enhanced Motivational Skills: Develop techniques to inspire and motivate team members to overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

  • Improved Team Performance: Learn strategies to boost overall team performance by fostering a culture of resilience, adaptability and continuous improvement.

  • Effective Goal Setting: Gain skills in setting clear, achievable goals that challenge team members and drive higher performance and productivity.

  • Strengthened Team Cohesion: Build a more cohesive and collaborative team environment where members support each other in overcoming obstacles.


Session Five: 

Craft a personalised leadership Roadmap. 

Tailored specifically for you to lead yourself for accelerated leadership career progression


  • Customised Leadership Plan: Develop a detailed, personalised roadmap that outlines your leadership goals, milestones and actionable steps for achieving accelerated leadership development.

  • Clear Career Vision: Gain clarity on your long-term career aspirations and the leadership path you need to follow to achieve them.

  • Skill Gap Analysis: Identify and assess the key skills and competencies required to complete your leadership career plan.

  • Targeted Development Strategies: Create specific strategies and initiatives tailored to your current role that will enhance your leadership abilities and prepare you for future opportunities.

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Meet your Lead with Impact Coach

Leadership Development Strategist

ICF Professional Coach, MBA (Australian Institute of Business), Positive Psychology Practitioner, Executive Coaching Diploma Business and Performance Coaching (The Life Coaching Academy), Graduate Certificate Career Development Practitioner (CareerEdAcademy), Certified Resume Writer (The Resume Academy), Cert iv TAE (ITTA), HSI/LSI accredited Practitioner.

  I went from ten years in the Recruitment Industry to Global HR Lead to building NBHR Consulting and Glass Ceiling Career Management.

 After leaving the corporate world I focussed on my passion for Career Development and Organisational Capability. From there I learnt how to empower individuals to  design their own career through crafting unique career strategies. 

   I then saw a gap in the market for savvy professionals wanting to develop the skillset and abilities to lead in today's modern workplace which steered me in the direction of creating a lead with impact personalised leadership development one on one coaching program. 

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What's Included In The Program?


What's included

  • x1 Human Synergistic¬†Life Styles InventoryTM¬†(LSI)¬†Report.
  • x5 60 minute Coaching Sessions
  • Customised leadership plan
  • Skills Gap Analysis Review
  • Personalised Leadership development strategies
  • 3 year customised leadership roadmap
  • Harvard Business School "How to Become a More Effective Leader"¬†¬†e book.
  • Weekly check ins

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