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Are you feeling trapped in a corporate role that no longer fuels your professional passion? 

That's not good, so let's take the first action to feeling UnTrapped!

Meet your new Professional Performance Coach, Camilla:

A seasoned Recruitment and Human Resources Lead with 30 year of expertise in career change, development, transformations, and transitions. 


Why Choose Me as Your Coach:

As a certified ICF Executive, Career Development Practitioner & Life Coach with an MBA, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, ensuring you receive the latest strategies and insights for unlocking your professional performance.


My Approach:

 I understand that every career journey is unique, requiring tailored solutions. My approach isn't about following a generic blueprint; it's about crafting strategies that resonate specifically with your professional needs.


Who I Work With:

I partner with professionals who feel stifled in their current corporate roles. If you're asking, "How can I unleash my career potential?" – This is how!  Together, we'll embark on a journey to discover your true potential and transition into a role that aligns with your purpose and values.


Success Stories:

Consider Tamara, who transitioned from a Marketing Executive to a successful Counselor, or James, a former Business Unit Executive turned Professional Explorer and Boudoir Photographer. OR Lil who sprungback from a PIP to become Associate Director or Katie who jumped from Marketing and Comms lead to Director.


How I Can Help You:

If you're struggling to identify, assess, and evaluate your career options, I am here to provide personalised support. My coaching programs are designed to offer step-by-step guidance, professional advice, and structured accountability. Together, we will enhance your professional performance, gain clarity on careers aligned with your personal values, and propel you toward your dream role.


Our Journey Together:

Through a meticulous evaluation using targeted assessments and tools, we will delve into your current situation, environment, personal affairs, and mindset. Collaboratively, we will pinpoint key drivers contributing to your professional dissatisfaction and design a pathway to unleash your career potential.


Ready to Elevate Your Professional Performance?

If you're committed to taking your next steps, gaining clarity on your career path, and stepping into a role where your potential knows no bounds,  Let's embark on a transformative journey to elevate your professional performance and unlock the career you've always envisioned.


Your journey toward unparalleled professional success begins now. Welcome to a future where your career not only aligns with your passions but propels you to new heights!


Melissa - Leadership Coaching

Camilla helped me build confidence in my leadership style.

Camilla has a natural ability to decipher the actual direction you need to take to achieve your goal.  She provides practical approaches drawn from her experience which is relevant to your own industry.

 I would highly recommend Camilla, I enjoy the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session we have.

Camilla is honoured to be an Executive Contributor at Brainz Magazine where she is recognised as a Global thought lead in Professional Development Coaching.

Camilla's Published Articles

Each month for every coaching session I complete, I pledge to provide a meal, care/fruit pack to people in need.

This month 10 meals have been provided to the homeless partnering with and distributed in Sydney.

Thank you to all my corporate and private clients for transforming themselves whilst helping others less fortunate than themselves.

I am truly grateful to be serving incredible people be the best versions of themselves.


5 Essential Questions to Transform Your Career! Watch the 5-Minute Demo Video and Take the Quiz!

Uncover the Origin of 100’s of Career Success Stories That Sparked It All.
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Mark - Career Coaching 

Camilla helped me discover the next steps for my career and prepared me to get my dream Senior Project Manager position.

 After coaching with Camilla, I had a clear view of my strengths based on my skills and experience. I  understood what I like and how I want to grow.

With Camilla's expertise, I re-positioned myself as a Senior Project Manager and received many job offers from diverse places (medical research  to  educational projects.) I was able to choose the position that was aligned best to my personal values plus I secured a $20,000 payrise.

 Camilla is very empathetic and quickly  understood my  personality (strengths/weaknesses.)

Lastly, she has vast experience and knowledge of recruitment processes and will guide clearly and wisely through them.

Pascal - Executive, Career Management/Progression Coaching

Camilla has developed a set of tools to help clarify goal, aspirations and break them down to activities and actions. Over the years this helped me track my career progress against my professional development plan.

She created a safe and open environment, helping me create new ways of thinking and focused on helping me transform my engagements.

She leveraged her experience and expertise in leadership development and career progression to make the engagements pragmatic and real.

 Camilla understands how to challenge me in a way that helps me personally develop my executive career.

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