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Are you a change maker and want to revolutionise an industry?

career tips Apr 26, 2023

Teaching has a bad rap at the moment, an industry which is totally overwhelmed with half the workforce leaving and the remaining community overburdened.

How many of you want to inspire, work in creative environments where no two days are the same, have ample holiday, work near home and be part on a thriving environment of fun and friendly work colleagues?

For corporate career changers, Teach for Australia in conjunction with ACU are offering the opportunity to join their Leadership Development Program where you can become a teacher inspire and grow people whilst providing them with a framework for adult success.

If you meet the entry requirements, you complete a Masters of Teaching degree (Secondary) (Leading Learning) with Australian Catholic University (ACU) starting in October. By January, you will be in the field in your first paid teaching gig, your remaining Master’s coursework will be completed while you are working in schools.

You also participate in the leadership development program to accelerate your career in teaching. You could surpass your corporate salary in a few years of teaching.

NSW Public School Teaching salaries :
First year: $73,737
Head Teacher: $126,526
Dep Principal: $147,776
Principal: $194,816
Exec Principal: $208,873

If you meet the requirements, you don't have to spend four years at university obtaining a teacher degree, you can start your Masters in October and be out in the field by January.

This is an industry which is just about to be revolutionised, with technology, new ways of working and a total transformation.

How good would you feel if you can become a change maker and inspire young people become adults and set them up for success?

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What are your thoughts on entering the teaching industry? do you believe you can create impact and purpose if you career changed to teaching?

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