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Don't want to work for NFP? think again

career tips Apr 25, 2023

Thinking of a career with purpose and impact but the thought of NFP puts you off?

Times have changed! more and more professionals are leaving corporate and joining the NFP sector to find rewarding positions, with friendly, supportive and collaborative cultures. Genuine friendships are formed and real world problems solved!

😍 Some advantages of transferring to NFP:
Flatline organisations with no complex out of sync org structures
Consultative and open leaderships
Everyone is validated and heard
Transformations, integrations and mergers don't cause daily stress
Always a direction and purpose to serve the community
NFP Salary packaging
NFPs do make profit creating the opportunity for you to make a REAL difference
Work/life balance
Rewarding and impactful responsibilities.

😍 There are two types of positions in NFP:
On the Ground and Enabler.
If you like to be in the community, understanding what change can be made, surveying the impact of past projects or collecting data for what will come next the on the ground roles are for you.
If you are operational, enjoy building relationships, fundraising, comms, policy making, driving outcomes and making things that matter possible, an Enabler position will suit you.

😍 This is where you can start your NFP career change journey:
Go to to find NFP positions across Australia.
Indeed and Seek also have a variety of NFP roles advertised.

😍 If you want to discuss which of your skills are transferrable and how to start the NFP career transition process, DM to schedule of book online 

Looking forward to hearing your career transitions from corporate to NFP

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