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How to create your ideal career responsibilties

soul driven career transition tips Feb 20, 2023

🎯You need to identify your work-related preferences and seek careers that align with your most important likes.
🎯When you understand your personal preferences, it becomes easier to evaluate the suitability of a particular career, making a soul driven career transition a less arduous task .
🎯Identifying your likes and dislikes also creates a priority list that allows you to focus on what you want in a position.
🤩Create your ideal career activity🤩
This activity helps you identify your work-related likes and dislikes, the key factors that make work enjoyable and those that do not.
You will create a priority list that allows you to focus on what you want in a soul driven career choice and helps you, confidently succeed in finding your ideal soul driven career choice,

🥳Step 1: List your past jobs🥳
🥳List all the jobs you have held throughout your working life, including your current position.

🥳Step 2: Identifying your work-related likes and dislikes🥳
For each job, think about the aspects that you did like:
🥳What excited you?
🥳What did you find rewarding?
🥳What did you appreciate?
🥳What did you love doing?
Consider the aspects of each job that you did not like:
🥳What made you lose interest?
🥳What caused feelings of dissatisfaction?
🥳What irritated you?
🥳What did you hate doing?

Write your responses in the columns labeled ‘Likes’ and ‘Dislikes.’

TIP: Include as much detail as possible and allow yourself enough time to reflect on your experiences in each position.

🥳Step 3: Rating the importance of your likes and dislikes🥳
🥳Consider the importance of each like and dislike.
Then create a priority list that reminds you of your needs and wants in your soul driven career transition.
Take a moment to think about your work-related likes, then rate each on a scale of 1 (not important at all) to 10 (very important). As you consider each like, record your rating

🥳Step 4: Analysis🥳Unpack your preferences.
Here are some questions that will help you understand your most important soul driven career needs and wants.
🥳 Looking at your most important (highest-rated) likes, do you notice common themes or patterns? For example, being outdoors or being part of a close-knit team.
🥳What do your likes tell you about what you need and/or want in a job?
🥳 Looking at your most important (highest-rated) dislikes, do you notice common themes or patterns? For example, inadequate leadership or lack of autonomy.
🥳What do your dislikes tell you about what you need and/or want in a job?
🥳What types of jobs would satisfy your most important likes? Include a few (if any) of your dislikes.
🥳What small steps can you take to move closer to what you need and/or want in a job?

🥳Step 5: Reflection🥳
🥳What was it like to complete this exercise?
🥳What insights have you gained about your ideal work?
🥳How will these insights help you in the future?

Now you are truly on the road to finding and securing your soul driven career transition.

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🥳Feel free to add your top tips in comments below so others can resonate, feel they are not alone and we can all learn how we are not alone when creating motivation for a soul driven career change.

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