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How to turn an interview around that's going downhill

career tips May 08, 2023

Even the most seasoned Executives have been there, you are excited to be interviewing for your dream role, have completed all your interview prep, ready to meet the interviewers and nail the interview.....only to find after a lucklustre welcome the interviewing is going down hill rapidly.

There is no flowing conversation or connection, the interviewers are disengaged and unresponsive to your answers. They aren't positively probing and commenting on your responses, they are not keen to find out more. They are giving you the impression they aren't interested in who you are and what you are saying. They are looking at their watches and rushing the interview, leaving you feeling flustered, agitated, nervous and uncomfortable.

🙀 Firstly hit PAUSE!! take a breath, sip on water if available and re-read the room
Ask yourself "Do I actually want to work with these people?" "Could I actually work with these guys if I was offered the job?" "Do I actually want the job now?"

🙀 If you think yes, I can work with the interviewers and yes I do want the job (take ego out) Then take a breath, explain that you aren't giving your best response and demonstrating your best experience, are nervous and ask if you can re-start the interview. With this second chance, NAIL the interview, you know the questions, now align your BEST responses. If you are a great fit for the position, you will quickly re-compose and provide awesome answers. Engage with the interviewer/s, re-create a conversational flow and re-adjust your energy to suit theirs.

🙀 If this isn't an option for you, ask the interviewers:
"Do you mind if I ask you, do you think I am the right fit for the position?"
"Do you think I have demonstrated the right attributes to be successful?"

🙀 Given their responses, you can either ask to re-start the interview
🙀 you can thank them for their time, and explain why you don't wish to proceed further, stop the interview and give them their time back.

🙀 Whatever choice you make, always write a thank you email.
If you were given the opportunity to re-start the interview, thank them for their kindness. Then write two short paragraphs, outlining why you can do the role and why you would like to the role.

If you stopped the interview, thank the interviews for their time, honesty and wish them every success in finding a suitable candidate.

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