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It's not what you say that gets you the interview!!!

career tips May 08, 2023

🤔 Have you reflected on past interviews and thought there were times you nailed the questions but got a rejection or other times when you thought you had screwed up by going off tangent, gabbling or mumbling? but to your surprise, you were offered the position?🤔

There are four non verbal behaviours (superpowers) you can utilise that will ensure, you are, the person everyone wants batting for their team.

😎 1) We all know in the first 10 - 15 secs, someone has subconsciously made up their mind that you are right for the role. How did they come to this decision? It was from feeling comfortable with the person's presence. The smile, the warm handshake, the tone of the voice etc.

🤔 2) Read the room's energy! How do the interviewer's speak (quietly, quickly, slowly, rushed)? match the energy they are projecting, if the person is quiet and slow, don't start shouting or speaking fast at them. You will come across as intimidating.

🤔 3) Show you are actively listening. People like to be heard and appreciate listeners actively showing they are listening and processing what has been said.

🤔 4) Mirror behaviour - to understand if someone truly wants you batting in their team, you need to either match their behaviour or they will match yours. These actions are subtle and at a subconscious level. You can lean in slightly and watch the other person follow you, or you might find yourself copying the other person's actions!

😁 All these non verbal behaviours are ways humans connect at a subconscious level, which speaks louder than words. It makes people trust you, open to you and they want to see you succeed so they will offer you the opportunity to join their team.

What are some subconscious superpowers you have used? and why were they successful?

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