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Nail that interview so you come away knowing the next steps that will be taken!!

career tips May 08, 2023

Not all of us have Telepathic superpowers! BUT there are ways you can rock an interview and come away knowing what the next steps will be!

Interviews are usually broken down into 4 sections - here are tips to ensure you come away with a second interview locked in, even if you totally think you spoke crap.

😃 First part - Introduction.😃 Build rapport to resonate, create small talk through talking about recent organisational social media posts and collect the interviewer's thoughts OR you can explain how you have professional acquaintance in common, talk about where you worked with them, ask the interviewer if they are still in contact wth them etc. Show you have researched and open up the conversation.

😃Second part - the formal questions😃 Maintain a conversational flow, ask questions. Ask how much detail the interviewers are looking for. Keep sentences simple, short and on point. Use the STAR Framework to explain your capabilities, align your example to the essential requirements outlined in the Position Description. Ensure you know exactly what the role requires and demonstrate your capabilities.

😃Third Part - your turn to question😃 Only ask 4 questions, use them to evaluate if the the culture and team's personalities are aligned to your personal values/expectations.
How do you encourage work/life balance in your team?
How do you describe your team's culture?
What are your three leadership strengths?
How long have the team worked together?
What are the most important skills/qualities you are looking for to be successful in this position?

😃Fourth part - close out/pitch😃 Thank the interviewer for their time. Highlight why you would like the role and use examples to demonstrate. Close out the interview and find out where you actually stand in the eyes of the interviewer.
Do you believe I have experience and attributes to be successful in this position?
What are the next steps in the interview process? you can clarify timing here too
Do you have additional questions for me?

😃Structure your thank you email based on the close out remarks and ask Chat GPT to create for you😃

What type of questions do you ask interviewers?
Please share in comments for others to consider.

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