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Top tips to kick start YOUR Career transition journey!

soul driven career transition tips Feb 14, 2023

🎯Don’t quit yet!!🎯
🎯Keep your day job and use your spare time to schedule your soul driven career transition activities.
🎯Give yourself a long runway to reduce stress and overwhelm.
🎯Utilise your time to understand what it is you would like to do!

Invite your friends and family on your new career transition journey.
Recruit them to help you determine which of your passions/desire/strengths can be utilised to determine your soul driven career.

🤩Successful Career transition activities🤩

🤩Assess your current Financial situation, can you afford to potentially pay for higher education, courses.
🤩Are you in a position to drop your current work hours in readiness for the career transition.
🤩How much $$ do you need to survive? Mortgage,personal financial obligations, with a soul driven career change comes a change of income.
🤩What are your Financial projections for the first year of your soul driven career transition?
How much can you start to put aside and save? It’s recommended you have upto 6 months of your current salary saved once you start your career transition journey.
However this is not the case for all changers.

🥳Start to build or join a Career transition Community🥳
🥳 Accountability/mastermind group.
🥳Facebook groups/membership sites
🥳 Find successful career changers who get you and don’t think you are crazy.
🥳Start the journey with other like minded souls
🥳Start building your new professional network (professionals already carrying out the role, if you know what you want to do)

When to tell your current employer about your career change intentions.
This is personal and unique, I have some clients who have told management straight up
I have had other clients who hate their current role so much, they have quit on the spot and found a bridging part time/contract/consulting role.
Some of my clients wait until they have implemented their career transition and have a new position to start.

💥5 Non negotiable items for creating and sticking to a soul driven career transition plan.💥
💥Set up your career change plan
💥List the activities/actions you will take each step of the journey
💥Remember to create a timeline

💥Schedule/ actions into your Calendar
💥Block out time in your calendar for career change actions
💥Plan a weekly review session
💥Identify your top 3 priorities for the following week.
💥 Remember, YOU are in charge of your career transition

💥Hire a team of professionals to support your soul driven career transition
💥Embrace the spirit of a community of like minded soul driven career transition go getters

Above all, HAVE FUN, feel the liberation of doing something truly life changing.

🥳If you would like a tutorial, activity workbook and fact sheet to support this activity, please click on the link below.

🥳In the soul driven career transition masterclass we explore creating a career change plan in a live group coaching session. If you would like more information about the soul driven Masterclass and community private message me for a brochure.

🥳Feel free to add your top tips in comments below so others can resonate, feel they are not alone and we can all learn how we are not alone when creating motivation for a soul driven career change.

🥳The free six day career challenge, I created, helps you find your motivations and evaluate if a soul driven career challenge is right for you (Link in my bio)


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